Bushcast Episode 3: Julie Learns How To Survive In Prison

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In this episode of the Bushcast, I recount the time (a few weeks ago) I spent 26 hours at the ER at LAC/USC hospital.

It was amazing how quickly I switched over to prison mentality. It was almost immediate. Helped by a cop threatening to send me to jail on my way there.

It was also amazing how long it took me to tell this story — I cut the video down from 30 minutes to 15. Yeah. I know. I still cut some funny stuff, including me doing a Mickey Rooney in Breakfast At Tiffany’s style impression of the Chinese man who processed my paperwork.

So sorry it’s taken me so long to put up the next episode — I actually recorded this a while ago, and it’s just taken me a while to edit it. I’ve been busy, which is good, but it just means I’m not quite as on top of everything as I’d like to be.

Thanks for watching guys. And — I want you to know you mean a lot to me. Whenever I hear from y’all, I’m really bolstered and touched. X Julie

Bushcast Episode 2: Where You Go When You’ve Been Abducted

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Second episode of the Bushcast y’all. I tell the story of the time my first boyfriend and I got lost in the Southern Appalachians near my hometown — and found this group of two men and a bunch of young boys living in a clearing in the middle of the National Forest.

This one’s slower and more contemplative — partly because of the subject matter and partly because I got a migraine halfway through, which you can see in a very creepy way by noticing that my left iris and pupil dilates bigger than the right one. My face also gets puffy and a little red — as the pain presses around my left eye. My trigger is emotional stress. This story must have triggered me.

Not all the episodes will be this slow. I don’t think I even realized how slow I was talking until I went back to watch it — and then saw my eye and my puffy face. You’re getting a little slice of life, people.

So this is the story of a time I got lost — and got haunted — and found my way home by heading down.

Bushcast Ep. 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre

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Ok gang, I need you to bear with me. This is the first video I’ve ever made (I know, right?). First time I’ve ever edited. My virgin run, if you will.

But I was waiting for something juicy to start the Bushcast with, and tonight a certain anonymous perv gave me my first episode.

I’m warning you — if you have a job, or responsibilities, or you’re not immortal — please do not waste precious seconds of your life on this experiment in giggling and discursive self-indulgence. It’s 5 minutes 26 seconds long, and the last bit turns … experimental. Partly by design and partly because I don’t know how to edit and I messed up.

Also, I recorded this at 2:00 a.m. because it took me two hours just to figure out how to record stuff on my computer. Yeah. The full story was 17 minutes long so just be grateful I figured out enough iMovie to whittle it down to 5 minutes. Astonishing, right? That I could stretch that into 17 minutes.

Enough caveats. I bring you BushCast Episode 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre.