Los Angeles: the new Silicon Valley


I’m pretty good at predicting the future.

I bought my bowler hat two and a half years ago. Come on.

There was a joke on 30 Rock recently where Liz goes something like “what’s NBC gonna be? I don’t know, a website selling office supplies?”

I think the powers that be know that very soon they’re all gonna be websites of one kind or another.

This is very exciting to me. Because the old model was unsustainable, built on some pretty shitty business models, pretty sexist and racist and country clubby. (Think New York publishing, but out here in the desert, that’s how old Hollywood worked, and still works mostly today, on a handful of people’s gut instincts.) The new model is more diverse, more focused on testing, audience response, results. (Think the relentless focus on testing that Facebook does to drive growth, which definitely has its own concerns – but at least it’s not controlled by gut opinions aka bias.) What I love about the internet future is there’s room for everyone who wants to make art to make some and put it out there.

This interactive map shows a lot of the startups, accelerators, incubators and investors who have set up shop in Los Angeles. Fantastic.

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