Bushcast Episode 2: Where You Go When You’ve Been Abducted

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Second episode of the Bushcast y’all. I tell the story of the time my first boyfriend and I got lost in the Southern Appalachians near my hometown — and found this group of two men and a bunch of young boys living in a clearing in the middle of the National Forest.

This one’s slower and more contemplative — partly because of the subject matter and partly because I got a migraine halfway through, which you can see in a very creepy way by noticing that my left iris and pupil dilates bigger than the right one. My face also gets puffy and a little red — as the pain presses around my left eye. My trigger is emotional stress. This story must have triggered me.

Not all the episodes will be this slow. I don’t think I even realized how slow I was talking until I went back to watch it — and then saw my eye and my puffy face. You’re getting a little slice of life, people.

So this is the story of a time I got lost — and got haunted — and found my way home by heading down.

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