Bushcast Ep. 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre

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Ok gang, I need you to bear with me. This is the first video I’ve ever made (I know, right?). First time I’ve ever edited. My virgin run, if you will.

But I was waiting for something juicy to start the Bushcast with, and tonight a certain anonymous perv gave me my first episode.

I’m warning you — if you have a job, or responsibilities, or you’re not immortal — please do not waste precious seconds of your life on this experiment in giggling and discursive self-indulgence. It’s 5 minutes 26 seconds long, and the last bit turns … experimental. Partly by design and partly because I don’t know how to edit and I messed up.

Also, I recorded this at 2:00 a.m. because it took me two hours just to figure out how to record stuff on my computer. Yeah. The full story was 17 minutes long so just be grateful I figured out enough iMovie to whittle it down to 5 minutes. Astonishing, right? That I could stretch that into 17 minutes.

Enough caveats. I bring you BushCast Episode 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre.

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