Bushcast Ep. 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre

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Ok gang, I need you to bear with me. This is the first video I’ve ever made (I know, right?). First time I’ve ever edited. My virgin run, if you will.

But I was waiting for something juicy to start the Bushcast with, and tonight a certain anonymous perv gave me my first episode.

I’m warning you — if you have a job, or responsibilities, or you’re not immortal — please do not waste precious seconds of your life on this experiment in giggling and discursive self-indulgence. It’s 5 minutes 26 seconds long, and the last bit turns … experimental. Partly by design and partly because I don’t know how to edit and I messed up.

Also, I recorded this at 2:00 a.m. because it took me two hours just to figure out how to record stuff on my computer. Yeah. The full story was 17 minutes long so just be grateful I figured out enough iMovie to whittle it down to 5 minutes. Astonishing, right? That I could stretch that into 17 minutes.

Enough caveats. I bring you BushCast Episode 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre.

  • Not Oedipus

    Oh my. Well, I've never posted on your blog before (though I like it!) but I was so appalled by what you say that I simply had to respond. The guy sleeps with his mother? Eww!

    Kidding. But seriously, my favourite part was the wristwatch bailout. Was the watch on his jerking-off hand or on his thigh-stroking hand? Really adds a poignant detail I think.

  • Thanks so much for this. Because — as my first video ever, I feel super nervous about this. But everyone says you have to do videos if you want your blog to get traction, so I just kind of bit the bullet and did it.

    The watch was on his non jerk-off hand. In the 17 minute version, I went into more detail about this gentleman, but it all wound up on the cutting room floor. Along with his jizz.

    Thanks so much for reading and saying something. X Julie

  • Last night, I went to see a foreign film. What happened next is the subject of my first video podcast. The Bushcast http://bit.ly/cGk5pF

  • Elizabeth Harper

    I have to say … I loved being able to see you talk on camera. After reading you for months, it was great to see you laugh. As to the subject matter, I've been in a similar sort of situation twice before although neither involved a foreign film or a man who sleeps with his mother. Once while driving a mini-van of all things, a ratty looking guy in an old white station wagon waved for my attention to show me what he had in his lap. I was driving though a chichi suburb of Atlanta when I saw this perv and had trouble believing what I was seeing in while sitting in traffic. I can't imagine having someone do that next to you in a movie theatre and actually touch your leg to draw your attention to what he was doing. I probably would have screamed just from the surprise of it.

    While I rarely watch most videos on the blogs I read, I'm looking forward to seeing yours.

  • Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for this. Are you from Atlanta? I'm from those environs.
    It's astonishing how many women have said similar things have happened to them.
    I really appreciate you saying that you liked the video because I was afraid it made me look like a loon — laughing hysterically like that. But I'm a laugher. I laugh a lot. Especially the last part, where it went off the rails and I only know the barest minimum of editing … I was even self-conscious about appearing on camera in the first place but everyone says you have to do videos if you want your blog to take off, so I was like by gum I'm gonna do some videos.
    I felt really uneasy about it until one of my best friends IM'ed last night and said she saw it and liked it and I didn't come off like a loon. You can see her blog here: http://deaddaddiaries.lydiaprior.com/
    Anyway, I REALLY appreciate the feedback and the support and the fact that you're reading. It helps me keep going. Thank you.
    X Julie

  • Andreacwoody

    Joolie, I had this bizarre mix of reactions to your story. I could relate to this ability (that I sensed) of detaching and sort of watching unfold. But as you are watching I am wondering about any sort of detached horror at letting this whole act get consummated, so to speak. It was funny–especially the plane to catch–but I was profoundly disturbed, too. And, like many other women you are hearing from, I have had instances that remind me of this–a man thinking he can invade my privacy and do as he pleases, whether with eyes or more. Thanks for provoking thought.

  • Andrea, thanks for this. How are you? Do you have skype? We should catch up. I'm all about the skype now.
    Yeah, I felt very detached about it — mainly because I spent most of the time disbelieving my own eyes and feelings, completely unable to believe that that could happen, to me, in a public place. Surrounded by people. Also, he was so covered up, I couldn't really see anything that well, so I couldn't really get clear on anything.
    So the whole thing felt more confusing than alarming–like more about whether I could believe my own eyes and senses or not. And then the fact that I reacted by laughing is going to be the subject of my next post ….
    Thanks for your always thoughtful response.
    X Julie

  • MIke

    Wow, as a male, my fantasy WOULD be a woman masturbating under her jacket while touching my thigh.

    Your previous post mentioned you were searching for love……well you found it Julie…..next time let it take its time and come to you.

    Keep on writing and editing!

  • Yes. I found love.

    “Let it take its time and come to you.” So many double entendres!

    Thank you for the comment Mike.

    X JB

  • Julie Bush: Story: Bushcast Ep. 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre http://twurl.nl/ty4s5h

  • Julie Bush: Story: Bushcast Ep. 1: The Worst Thing That Can Happen In A Movie Theatre http://twurl.nl/tqoth8