Future Predictions


My life has changed a lot since the last time I posted here.

Then — I was in the middle of writing an impossibly difficult movie. I was crying a lot. I was under a tremendous amount of pressure, which I’ll write about another time. I felt very alone, and I was very alone. Cooped up in my apartment, trying to rein in my focus and race against the clock to write a movie that would be ambitious for a screenwriter at any experience level, much less a first-time screenwriter.

Now — I have agents, managers, a lawyer. I spend my days talking to executives, or emailing with executives. I regret that I’m not marinating in ideas as much as I used to. But at least I’m not alone as fucking much.

So an executive mentioned that he looked up my twitter for some future predictions — cuz that’s my schtick. I tell everyone — I’m really good at predicting the future. I was the first screenwriter to pitch WIKILEAKS, before it was a big story. Most of my ideas become big studio movies or TV projects eventually. I know what’s coming. Instead of future predictions he just found a bunch of tweets about how crazy my life has been lately. So I wrote him some future predictions, and I thought I may as well share them here:


— neural networks (multi-layered computer networks that mimic the behavior of the human brain) will grow more sophisticated

–math-based currencies (i.e. Bitcoin etc) will grow more stable and widely used

— nanotechnology (and its risks) will continue to expand
–transhumanism (bionic adjustments to improve performance and health) will be available to more and more regular people
–the majority of crime will be cybercrime in some way
–drones will take over every area of everyday life
–manufacturing will take place in the cloud
–the internet of things (i.e. your toaster and your fridge will be networked the way my blog and twitter are connected)
–molar caps that conduct sound (instead of earbuds)
–3D printers will be in every home
–you will interact with your screens without using your hands
–as even the poor have tablets, the rich will have hand-built, custom-designed, artisanal technology
–Rapid Growth Markets like Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey are where the action’s at
Watch this space for more future predictions ….


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