Things Are Bad For Women, And Getting Worse


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Women are the bitch of society – and it’s getting worse and worse –

Between inequality in the workplace – TV shows starring domestic abusers – a political climate focused on diminishing women’s rights –

My question is – why aren’t we outraged?

Why aren’t women everywhere getting loud, and angry about this?

Why, in this moment where our rights and our respect are vanishing faster than boyfriend tees at a sample sale, are we more invested than ever in cutesy, girlish stuff  – our Pinterest boards and our eyeframes without lenses and our Etsy hair accessories and our Young Adult novels – the kinds of clothes, hobbies, conversation topics, professions that are sure to never, ever make erections disappear –

Here’s why I think.

I think we have a strong interest in pleasing those who are in power.

And I think we have an instinct not to do anything that feels threatening, aggressive, masculine. We have been strongly warned (culturally, inter-personally, professionally) that getting assertive, threatening dicks in any way, will sideline us, turn us into laughing stocks, leave us the single spinster alone with her handmade cat blankets and her angry diatribes. If we speak the truth – if we even say the same thing a man might say – we risk being marginalized socially or even losing jobs, as we make ourselves vulnerable to looking ridiculous by going against the tide.

And we risk love, being loved, if we seem up in arms, angry, embattled. Standing behind lines drawn in the sand.

So I do see why this is happening – and why we’re letting it.

But I don’t think those are the only two choices.

I know for a fact it’s possible to be both assertive and feminine – to both stand up for the rights and respect of women and still value and hold the respect of men. I think if change is going to happen anywhere – it’s going to be with the 51% of Americans who are women, who have to be watching what is happening with some dismay, and who need to know they can still be loved, still be part of the great club we call society, even if they speak out and stand up against these trends.

We are powerful. But we have to stop undercutting our power with every sartorial and conversational choice we make. If we’re afraid of being sidelined, marginalized, ridiculed, we have to know that over there where we’re going to be is where the cool people hang out – the adults. The ones who don’t put up with this sick psychosexual infantilizing game where one gender is on top, one is on the bottom, and both work hard to keep it that way.


This is a great breakdown of the current and most recent numbers of women of all the different jobs in Hollywood. All the numbers are flat around or (way) below 25%. This is obviously my area of interest in terms of employment – but it also affects us all because this is our culture, what we see on TV, what we see in movies. The piece mentions that studies show that the more women involved with a project, the more likely it is to have a woman character.



8 thoughts on “Things Are Bad For Women, And Getting Worse

  1. Been sayin’ it for 65 years, hoping someone will hear. Glad to know I’m not alone. Ooh wait! Is that a Jimmy Choo platform heel that makes me 4″ taller, but I can still be a cop and run down a cobblestone alley after the perp, although I can’t sustain a meaningful relationship ’cause I’m too ambitious?

    Quit buying the shoes, ladies. Just stop.

  2. Lol what world do ya’ll live in? Oh yeah. A fantasy world! Men have and always will have it harder than women. Time to grow up children. Men are sick of your shit. We are tired of you playing victim while we sit back and endure. Were tired of phony statistics disregarding the rape of men and boys. We are tired of our young men going to prison because they were raised in a single mother home (80% of male inmates are from a single MOTHER, not FATHER, home) We are sick of your fucking double standards and your hatred for men. We are just fucking sick of you.

  3. ….you’re like an american tourist…lost in Mainland China…looking for the Eiffel Tower…and demanding a ‘thank you’ card…why do you (“Here’s why I think”)…?

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